Harvatek Sues Cree for LED Package Patent Infringement

On Jan. 26, 2016, Harvatek announced it has entrusted Devlin Law Firm LLC to represent it in a patent infringement case against Cree that has been filed in the United States District Court for the Central District of California . The patent in suit is US 6,841,934.

Harvatek was accused of infringing Cree’s patents on Sep.15, 2014. Harvatek retaliated immediately. Not only did it accuse Cree and its affiliates for infringing the patent in December 5 in the same year, but it also successfully invalidated one of Cree’s patents in China on July 2015.

The patent in suit is related to LED packaging technology. Harvatek has invested enormous resources to build a considerable number of patents in such technology. Therefore, it is capable of defending the interests of its customers and shareholders. These counterattacks show Havatek has strong patents and litigation abilities to compete with international companies.

The two companies lawsuits are still ongoing, but Harvatek is optimistic about the case’s outlook and final ruling.

According to LEDinside findings, the LED package patent emphasizes: “A white light source is obtained by converting short wavelength color light emitted from a light emitting diode (LED). The conversion is achieved by covering the LED chip with a fluorescent glue. The LED chip is mounted on a split substrate, and the outer ends of the substrate serve as terminals for the LED. A wall may be erected around the LED chip to contain the fluorescent glue, and another transparent glue may be used to cover the fluorescent glue for protection.”

The patent is mainly applied on white LED package, phosphor powder, and the LED’s substrate package structure.

Starting from 2014, Cree has filed plenty of lawsuits against Taiwanese LED package manufacturers, and many Taiwanese companies have taken a similar stance with Harvatek. These companies will continue to take legal action against Cree.

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